Rens Kruining

Thinking up creative solutions to functional problems.

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Here you can find my creations

3D prints

I have created some 3D prints as a pastime activity.
Some have been functional, as other have been for use during boardgames. Not all have been completely my own design, often borrowing components or designs from others

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Poster designs


These are some poster series I made in my spare time.
One is a minimalist approach to enemies found in the game Bastion, whereas the other is a series of my childhood favourites on Cartoon Network in matching style.

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Shirt designs

While designing prints for clothing started with committees, I have become more skilled with it, and interested in making more.

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Lasercut works


When getting to functionals in the house, I often look towards 3d-printing and lasercutting. Here are some lasercut projects, from its 3D model to finished wood product.
Whether it's something for in the house, like the kitchen space or the laptopstand, or something for a game as the spell template, I can often rely on lasercutting a solution.

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3D pen

When playing Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), it sometimes proves useful or interesting to have a visual representation. These are some spell effects which I could not find on the internet.

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Committee logos


With committees (and other groups), you want to be known and recognised. I therefore made several logos to be printed on posters, documents and clothing.

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